Terms & Conditions
  1. The Leafies is open to tea farmers, tea estates, suppliers, retailers and organisations producing or handling high-quality loose leaf tea. 
  2. Entrant’s teas should be available to buy internationally, even if only in small quantities.
  3. Participants entering as retailers should have a direct to consumer transactional website or a physical retail space.
  4. Entrant’s should provide details on their company and any tea being entered into The Leafies via our online entry form. Teas sent in without a corresponding completed entry form will not be accepted.
  5. An entry fee of £69 per tea (with a reduced rate of £65 per tea for entries of more than three) is required to enter your tea into The Leafies, payments will be taken through the entry form via Stripe. Payment must have been received ahead of the closing date for entries on 17th September 2024.
  6. All of the teas will be tasted using the finest equipment for brewing tea. Entrant’s are responsible for providing any specific brewing parameters for tasting their teas in that section of the entry form. We will endeavour to respect the brewing parameters you provide, unless the judges feel adjusting the parameters will bring out better qualities of the tea, which we will inform you in our feedback if you have requested it.
  7. Entrant’s are responsible for providing the correct amount of tea (50g) and packaging it carefully so that it is not damaged in transit. The Leafies are not responsible for any teas that arrive damaged.
  8. Entrant’s are advised to get tracking when shipping their teas, all of the details needed for shipping are shared following completion of The Leafies entry form. The Leafies cannot accept responsibility for lost teas. 
  9. Entrant’s are responsible for labelling their teas correctly with the information specified in the ‘How to Enter’ section of the webpage.
  10. Teas will be judged primarily on individual merit. When there are several teas at Gold level, information such as the farming processes and the story behind the tea may be taken into account as judging criteria.
  11. The Leafies judges will not provide feedback on tea submitted by entrants who did not request the feedback service for their tea, however, entrants will receive the judges’ average scores as part of their entry.
  12. In order to be considered for a Special Award at The Leafies, entrants must provide details of their organisation’s initiatives in the relevant part of the entry form.
  13. Information on the winning teas such as the background story and any photographs included in the entry form, may be used by The UK Tea Academy for The Leafies marketing materials.
  14. Your participation in The Leafies means that we will have access to the personal data you supply, e.g. your name and email address, and other data which you submit in relation to your participation in our event. The UKTA will only share data with our sponsorship partners. As a condition of entry, you accept that we have access to and will store your personal data which is relevant for the use of our system and the events you participate in.