Entry Guidelines

Frequently asked questions

Who can enter The Leafies 2024?

The Leafies is open to any tea organisation around the world. From farmers and tea makers to tea suppliers and retailers, there is a category for all.

What are the entry requirements for teas?

The Leafies showcase carefully crafted teas which bring out the complexities of the leaf and the unique flavours of the terroir.

  • Only loose leaf, no teabags
  • A minimum 50g of leaf for each tea.  If already prepackaged in slightly larger quantities that is acceptable to save repacking.
  • Leaves can be processed in a traditional, artisan style or using modern mechanical techniques designed for high grade teas
  • Contain only natural ingredients
  • Available for worldwide purchase online, even if only in small quantities
How do I enter my tea?

To enter your tea you will need to complete the online entry form and make a payment for your entry/entries. Once this is complete you will be asked to ship your tea to an address provided by us.

What do I need to complete my entry for The Leafies?

You will need some basic information about your company, such as the address and the contact details of the person handling your entry for The Leafies.

You will need to select the correct award category for the tea you are entering.

There is an opportunity to provide specific brewing parameters for the tea/s, the harvest date and brief processing details of your tea, but this is not obligatory and does not have to be in much detail.

You will also have the option to share a short overview of the story behind your tea business.

And you can upload a photograph that represents your tea or your tea business such as the farm, your community, your team or even your packaging.

Finally you need the details of the bank card you are using to pay for your entry.

How much does it cost to enter The Leafies?

The price per tea entered into The Leafies is £75.00, however, this will be reduced to £65.00 per tea for entries of three teas or more.

All of the judges’ average scores will be shared with entrants as part of their entry. For an additional fee of £30.00 per tea you can add the feedback service which will provide more detailed feedback with the judges comments.

The Special Awards are free of charge and will be chosen by the judges, based on details submitted as part of the entry form.

How can I get help with my entry?

Get in touch with jo@theleafies.co.uk if you need help with your entry.

When do I need to send my tea?

The deadline for completing the online Entry Form is Tuesday 17th September 2024. 

The deadline for receiving teas is Friday 20th September.

You may ship your tea ahead of completing an entry form to ensure it arrives before the deadline but all entry forms and teas must have been received by us during this week.

Where do I send my tea?

The address to send teas will be shared in an email once you complete an online entry form. If you do not receive this information following completion of any entry, get in touch with jo@theleafies.co.uk

How should I send my tea?

Please ensure that postage includes tracking as we cannot take responsibility for any missing entries.

Print and complete this form to send alongside your teas.

Send 50g of each tea carefully sealed and packed in protective outer packaging. If you have a pre-packed retail carton holding more than 50g, you can submit that to save repacking.

Each tea entered must be individually labelled with the following information securely attached or printed on the pack

  • Name of the organisation that is entering the tea (eg farm/estate/retailer/supplier/wholesaler etc)
  • Name of the tea
  • The Leafies Category Name and Number for which you are entering the tea
  • Ingredients list (if not pure Camellia sinensis ie any blends and RTD)
  • Brewing guidelines (optional)
Will I be notified when my tea has been received?

Yes. When we have received your tea, we will notify you via the email you entered in your Entry Form.

What do I get if I am a winner at The Leafies?

This year there is no fixed limit to the number of Gold awards that may be given in each category for truly exceptional tea. However, if the judges decide that none of the entries achieve a Gold standard in that category, there may not be a Gold award.

There is no fixed number or limit to the number of Highly Commended awards. The judges will determine the number of Highly Commended awards based on the scores.

  • Gold Award winners receive The Leafies Gold Award Trophy.
  • Highly Commended winners receive The Leafies Award Certificate in their category.
  • All winners receive The Leafies award-winning Gold/Highly Commended retail stickers.
  • Winners have the right to use The Leafies award-winning Gold or Highly Commended marque on their website and in their marketing collateral.
  • A selection of Gold Award winners from primary producer categories will be sold at London’s Fortnum & Mason on the Rare Tea Counter.
  • Winning teas will be highlighted in a global tea-focused market with worldwide promotional and networking opportunities.
  • Some of the teas will be included in the UK Tea Academy (UKTA) training courses, the UK’s leading professional tea educational body.
  • All winners have their names and background stories published on the UKTA website, broadcast in social media posts and in on-going marketing.
  • Retail winners, blends and flavoured teas will not be among the selection for the Fortnum & Mason’s Rare Tea Counter which is specifically for small invoices of artisan tea production. We will however deliver a focused marketing campaign to generate exposure for the winning teas in the consumer press.
When and where is the Awards Ceremony?

When: Wednesday 6th November 2024
Where: Dartmouth House, Mayfair, London W1

This year’s showcase event includes welcome drinks, the Awards Ceremony followed by a buffet Afternoon Tea and exclusive access to taste the winning teas.

Tickets will be available soon for either the whole day event (as above) or just to access the winning tea-tasting.